Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award
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Higher Scientific Committee

The President and the Board of Trustees of the Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award assigns the Higher Scientific Committee for each term of the Award.

Thalassemia International Federation recommends the members of the Higher Scientific Committee.

Honorary Medical & Scientific Advisor

Professor Dr.  George Stamatoyiannopoulos

Professor George Stamatoyiannopoulos

Higher Scientific Committee Members:


Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou
TIF (Head of Committee)

Professor Dimitris Loukopoulos

Professor Suthat Fuscharoen


Functioning of the Higher Scientific Committee (HSC):

Based on the objectives and the selection criteria, the HSC has the full responsibility and authority to select and reach a final conclusion on the winners of the various award categories.

Proposals will be stratified by the HSC on the basis of the information provided by the nominator and the search performed by the HSC on the level of contribution of the proposed scientist in the field.

The discussion between members of the HSC will be mainly electronic but the HSC has the authority through its Chair to arrange for a physical meeting at a place convenient to all of its members, should that be judged as extremely essential.

The review of the information for the nominees will be done through a three-stage process:

Stage 1:  Each application / nomination goes through the first review from two members of the HSC whose expertise is more relevant to the subject of the Award.

Stage 2:  The comments of the first stage review are provided within a set time limit to the rest of the members of the HSC for their comments.

Stage 3:  Finally in the third stage, comments stemming form the second stage review are provided to the first stage review members for final comments.

In addition, the HSC may decide to support its work with a Non-Numeric Score Review or with the Reviewer Numerical Guidance and Chart.

The final review report (after stage-3) is presented to all members of the HSC for voting on the final outcome.

The final selection made by the HSC will be provided in writing by the HSC with a detailed explanation and supporting information signed by the Chair of the HSC, to the Board of Trustees for their review and secondary and tertiary level decisions.

The HSC has also the authority to form (virtually or physically) at any stage of the process, sub-committees of not more than 3 experts (in the field under review) and after the full consensus of all members of the HSC, for supporting their work in reaching a decision.

In case of a serious conflict between the members of the HSC, on the final selection or at any stage of their work, its resolution will be the responsibility of an adhoc Higher Executive Committee that is formed by General Secretariat Committee in consultation with the Board of Trustees of the Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award. Each member of the HSC also declares in writing any conflicts of interest that may arise when reviewing a specific Award. The chair of HSC forwards all such conflicts for a final decision by the Higher Executive Committee within 30 days of a written submission.

In the absence of the Chair of the HSC, by the oldest (in age) member of the HSC present in the meeting takes over the lead in the co-ordination of the work of the HSC.

The HSC has a quorum in a meeting if 5 or more of its members are present.

The HSC is entitled to grant the Award, to more than one person in the field of specialty (should this be considered essential).

The HSC is entitled to change selection procedures at any time if such changes are justified for ensuring more transparency, fairness of the selection and effectiveness of the process as accepted by full consensus of all the members of the HSC.


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